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  1. New Home, Sandymount Dublin, October 2014


  2. "

    Young people today tend to be indeterminately optimistic. They iterate, one resume line at a time. They buy into a narrative of never-ending improvement, even if they have no idea what that path might look like. It’s possibly that may work.

    We shouldn’t completely discount the indeterminate future, since there’s always a role for chance. But it’s too crowded a strategy. It gives luck too much dominion over life. Something to be said for the alternative of actually having a plan


  3. Celtic Park, Scotland, May 2015

    Scottish Champions :-)


  4. Loch Doine, Scottish Highlands, April 2014


  5. Loch Lomond, Scotland, April 2014


  6. Loch Lomond, Scotland, March 2014

    I’ve never put my feet into colder water. 


  7. Dublin, Ireland, March 2014

    Thanks Facebook for your invitation and the great days over there.


  8. Balmaha, Conic Hill, Loch Lomond, Scotland, February 2014


  9. Loch Voil, Highlands Scotland, January 2014

    Link to Cabinporn - Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere


  10. Peak of Sron a’Choire Ghairbh, Scotland Highlands, January 2014



  11. What a beautiful day in Glasgow.

    Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scotland, January 2014


  12. My new ride -  they see me rollin’, they hatin’ 

    Glasgow, Scotland, November 2013


  13. Glasgow, Scotland, November 2013

    People, today has been extraordinary: It did not rain in Glasgow at all. Crazy times.


  14. This might be said inflationary, but it’s quite true though.

    Glasgow Kelvinhaugh, Scotland, November 2013


  15. Clovelly, Cornwall England, May 2013

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